Fri. Jun 25th, 2021

Michael Morse ([email protected]), a regular contributor, is a retired Providence firefighter and author.

A month just before COVID-19 changed every little thing about our environment and how we reside in it, we purchased a property. This would be our ultimate resting place. It was ideal, particularly what we wanted.

“We want to remodel,” my wife said as we drove away after our to start with viewing, recognizing that at some point we would have the place.

And that is particularly what we did. We could by no means have finished it by yourself. We bought an cute cottage close to the water and developed a sanctuary. The real estate agent who showed us the spot, Marion from Home Intelligent Industry experts, became a buddy, and aided us navigate the intricate world of getting and selling assets. Bob Smith from C&L Builders assembled a crew of craftsmen, starting with Joe Cabral from JCAD Drafting companies, who made the position.