Tue. Jun 22nd, 2021

Welcome to component two of our 2021 Handmade Bicycle Show Australia coverage. Here we’ll carry on to exhibit the bikes of the Australian custom made scene, and ideally give you a glimpse into this innovative and skilful local community of builders. 

The Handmade Bicycle Present Australia is as a lot a gathering of pals as it is a display of wares. And though Australia may perhaps be very large in size, there’s a closeness in between the builders that has lead to some wonderful collaboration and sharing of awareness. And it is this perception of group that has arguably made Australia so competitive in the world-wide bike developing scene. 

In this next of 4 galleries, we’ll seem at bikes from Prova Cycles, Sugarloaf Cycles, Woods Bicycle Co, Trinity MTB, Vechter, and Lyrebird Cycles. It’s confident to be a good a single. You can see all past and present coverage from HBSA here.